Pianos for Education

The Musiq Group leases hundreds of pianos to schools, hubs, conservatoires and universities all over the country. It is with this experience in mind that your journey with us begins....

Our aim is always to help education settings to make their budget go further. Our experienced team are used to working with Department Heads, Bursars, Business Managers, Head Teachers, Funders, Music Hubs, Parents' Associations, External Organisations and all others who are striving to broaden access to music for all children and young people.

New pianos are available to Schools for as little as £60 per month, and we offer a complete range from all leading brands.

Every school is unique - and so are we...

Perhaps your school needs one good piano for the hall, or maybe a set of classroom percussion. It might be the replacement of a fleet of grand pianos, or simply a keyboard for a practice room. Whatever the need, and however big or small the project, The Musiq Group is poised to help you. We have solutions and instruments available for all budgets in all school settings with instruments from stock or brand new.


One Piano

The Musiq Group has a dream, just as every school music lead has a dream....

Time and time again we heard from Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Academies up and down the country that the one thing they really want is 'a piano that works'.

We all know that a Piano is the keystone of musical life in school, and for good reason: this is an instrument that any child can instantly 'play', that can lead any musical ensemble.

Our "One Piano" Campaign is launching soon and our dream, and indeed our aim, is to empower every school to have AT LEAST one excellent piano. Funding should not be a barrier and, with The Musiq Group, it doesn't have to be Capital Expenditure. Let's get creative, together.

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