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Hire an Instrument

Musical Instrument & Piano Hire for Individuals

Our unique instrument hire scheme for individuals starts at just £10 per month with no deposit and no minimum term. Complete flexibility and leading

brands with all orchestral

and band instruments as well

as pianos from stock.


Piano Leasing

Piano Leasing for Venues, Hospitality, Education & Business



Pianos & Instruments for Education

Bespoke plans for education for 1 or many instruments



Event, Festival & Prop Hire

Grand, upright & digital pianos and other instruments

We offer everything from a

Steinway D Concert Grand for broadcast, recording and performance work to smaller instruments for weddings, events and film and tv or photography location needs. 

Above all, The Musiq Group is about delivering the best results from the outset and dynamically every day thereafter: visibly when you need us, invisibly when you don’t.

Every client we work with is equally important to us, so whether your need is simply one high quality piano from stock or a fleet of new instruments, we would love to work with you.

Image by Jens Thekkeveettil

The Musiq Group

The Musiq Group was established in 2021 but has a long history going back many years following a meticulously planned and managed growth and acquisition of a huge fleet of pianos, musical instruments and media assets.


The combination of that heritage and a team with vast experience in musical instrument technical work and financial solutions has enabled us to become the leading music services company dedicated to leasing and hiring musical instruments to schools, academies, hubs, universities and other institutions, as well as individuals and venues for short and long term agreements.